美 [noʊ]英 [nəʊ]
  • adv.没有;无;并不;禁止
  • int.没有;不是;不要;(用于否定的回答或陈述)不
  • adj.禁止;(一个也)没有;一点儿也没有;什么也[谁也]没有
  • n.否定的回答;作否定回答的人;(统称)投反对票者
  • abbr.【化】同“nobelium”(=number)
  • 网络一氧化氮(Nitric Oxide);不(nope);没有(None)




1.(用于否定的回答或陈述)不;没有;不是used to give a negative reply or statement

2.(对某人所说的话感到惊讶)不,不要used to express shock or surprise at what sb has said


not take no for an answer

非让人接受(或听从)to refuse to accept that sb does not want sth, will not do sth, etc.

一氧化氮(Nitric Oxide)

一氧化氮合酶(NOS)是催化合成一氧化氮(NO)的重要酶,有3种不同的亚型,分别为神经元型(nNOS)、内皮型及诱导型.我们用免疫 …


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人教版七年级上册英语单词表 ... dictionary n. 字典;词典 no adv. (表示否定)不;不是 not adv. (构成否定形式)不是 ...

佛说(NO)无明亦无(没有)无明尽.....因为不生不灭才是真相.至於灵魂,是业识而生.又可以看成---五阴浮云,任来去. 所属群组: …

Al Bedwell : No, the manufacturers are trying to make them exciting by giving them, you know, eco badges such as eco-netic or eco-flex. 阿尔·贝德韦尔:不,制造商正试图通过给他们生态标志而让他们兴奋,如生态遗传或生态伸缩。
They had no doubt that the civil war was at an end, and to them it appeared impossible that the just cause of the North had not triumphed. 他们深信内战已经结束了,他们认为北军的正义事业是不可能不获得胜利的。
His company, however, ended up in the red. It lost more money than it earned. The company was no longer profitable. 但是,他的公司就没这么好运了,出现财政赤字,亏的钱比赚的还多,不再盈利了。
There was no personal data being collected, he said. 他说调查不涉及个人数据。
Unlike in the rest of Canada, the moose has no natural predators on the island, where the native wolf went extinct. 与加拿大其他地方相比,由于本地狼种灭绝,驼鹿在此毫无天敌。
Add to all this that no virgin's face ever conveyed such a feeling of innocence nor any comparable expression of sadness and suffering. 没有一张处女的脸上会流露出这样一种天真无邪的感情和这样一种忧郁苦恼的表情。
In fact, the power of voodoo is only due to the victim's certainty that a curse has been imposed and no escape is possible. 事实上,巫毒的力量只是来自于受害者的确信感:自己已经被施了诅咒,不可能逃脱了。
He talked to no one, probably not even to her, for his voice had grown harsh and rusty, as if from disuse. 他跟谁也不说话,恐怕对她也是如此,他的嗓子似乎由于长久不用变得嘶哑了。
Actually, millions of human beings have had a hand in my creation, no one of whom even knows more than a very few of the others. 事实上,有成百万参与了我的诞生过程,他们中没有谁能比别人知道得多一点。
Then come the dog's twelve years, and he lies in the corner growling , no longer having teeth with which to bite. 然后是狗的十二年,那时他失去了利齿,咬不动东西,只能躺在墙脚忿忿不平地低吼。
No matter how much you sugar-coat it, it is still bullshit. 不管你怎么甜言蜜语,这仍然是胡扯。
There is no doubt that the reasons for international investors to consider Sierra Leone as their choice for investment are many. 毫无疑问,对国际投资人来说,投资塞拉利昂的理由是丰富的。
Unlike on previous occasions, he made no attempt to appear as Russia's strongman. 与以前不一样的是,他没有试图显得像个俄罗斯强人。
He took off his shoes, get out of his smelly feet, it was a pair feet thick was worse, no beauty at all! 他脱下鞋子,拿出了他得臭脚,那是一双粗糟得脚,毫无美感可言!
Its no longer the case that somebody can sit, walled up in their castle and wait for the enemy to go away. 人们坐守城堡并加强其防御攻势,等着敌人知难而退的日子一去不复返了。
No, he never even made it to the NBA (and I don't even know if the late Mr Jordan Senior played basketball at all). 不是,他根本没有在NBA打过球(我甚至不知道他是否打过篮球)。
reporting information like this with a modal dialog box brings the interaction to a stop with no particular benefit. 特别是像这样的报告信息,采用模态对话框的形式会中断正在进行中的交互。
I cannot say what loves have come and gone, I only know that summer sang in me A little while, that in me sings no more. 我说不出爱情如何来又走,我只知道,我的心中如有夏日在欢歌一转眼,歌声便永不再来。
As if desperate to leave no scent and to ghost off into the light before another human notices that they're actually free. 就像在其他人类注意到它们实际上已经自由之前急切地不想留下任何气味和消失在阳光下。
What you decide is up to you, as there is no "destiny" there - you can fix things, bond closer or, if you feel there's no hope, leave. 如何决定在于你,没有“命运”一说-----你可以弥补一切,使彼此更亲密;或者你觉得没有希望,那么离开吧。
Data quality is of the most importance. It needs to be fresh and up-to-date. No old databases. 数据质量是最重要的。它需要新鲜和及时更新。没有旧的数据库。
Results: There was no significantly difference in operative time, time of stay and postoperative stay between two groups. 结果:两组的手术时间、住院时间、术后住院时间差异无显著性意义。
In fact, cosmological redshifts can happen even when there seems to be no relative motion at all, as the following thought experiment shows. 事实上,宇宙学的红移,在没有相对运动的情况下也是存在的,就如同下面的思想实验(ThoughtExperiment)所显示的。(待续…)
Zhang: No problem! Please take the bank statement to me. Mmm. . . . . . Ms Liu, this bank statement is the same with the computer. 张:好之,请把银行对账单给我。嗯……刘小姐,我用电脑核对了一遍,这份银行对账单没有错。
No, Mr Rajapaksa is under threat because Mr Fonseka, by his very presence, trumps his best card, that of the conquering hero. Rajapaksa先生是因为Fonseka而受到威胁,不,通过他的存在,Rajapaksa打出了自己的王牌,征服英雄的王牌。
S. has been one of isolation and frustration. Torrington has no other foreign students, and little in the way of English-language help. 托灵顿校区只有他们是国外留学生,而且这对他们的英语学习帮助也不大。
Conclusion The simplification formula is simple in form, and easy to understand, and no doubt it is a better method. 结论简化公式形式简单、易于理解,特别对非统计专业和对校正公式理解不深的人而言,无疑是一种好方法。
There was no hard evidence to support either side's claim, but a local court ultimately ruled in favor of the woman. 没有有力的证据支持双方的说法,但是当地法院最终的裁决偏向了妇人。
Faced with the threat of a full- scale military invasion, the general has no choice but to cooperate. 面临全面型的军事侵略,这个将军只能选择配合。
The young man was very miserable. He had no money about him. All his savings had been stolen. 这个年轻人很惨。已落到了身无分文的地步,因为他所有的积蓄都被偷了。