美 [ɡoʊ]英 [ɡəʊ]
  • v.去;走;离开;离去
  • n.干劲;活力;(游戏或活动中)轮到的机会;(做某事的)尝试
  • adj.好的;〈美口〉一切正常的;【宇】可随时发射的
  • abbr.(=General Orders)【军】一般命令;卫兵守则
  • linkv.变成
  • int.(赛跑口令)跑
  • 网络围棋;行走;前进

第三人称单数:goes 现在分词:going 过去式:went 过去分词:gone

probably go,go anywhere,go nowhere,go anyhow,go forward
go week,go mile,go vacation,go word,thing go



1.[i]去;走to move or travel from one place to another

2.[i]~ (to sth) (with sb)(尤指与某人)去(某处或出席某项活动)to move or travel, especially with sb else, to a particular place or in order to be present at an event

3.[i]移动,旅行,行走(指方式或距离)to move or travel in a particular way or over a particular distance

4.[i]~ flying, skidding, etc. (+ adv./prep.)(以某种方式)移动;在移动中做to move in a particular way or while doing sth else


5.[i]离开;离去;出发to leave one place in order to reach another

6.[i]~ on sth去做(某事)to leave a place and do sth different


7.[i]~ to sth(为某目的)去(某处)to visit or attend a place for a particular purpose

游泳、钓鱼、慢跑等swimming/fishing/jogging, etc.

8.[i]~ (for) sth去参加,去从事(某项活动或运动)to leave a place or travel to a place in order to take part in an activity or a sport

被发送be sent

9.[i](+ adv./prep.)被发送;被传递to be sent or passed somewhere


10.[i]~ (from…) (to…)(从…)通向,延伸到to lead or extend from one place to another


11.[i]+ adv./prep.被放置,被置于,被安放(在通常或合适的位置)to have as a usual or correct position; to be placed

12.[i]will/would not ~ (in/into sth)(不)适合;放(不)进used to say that sth does/did not fit into a particular place or space


13.[i]除尽;除if a number willgo into another number, it is contained in that number an exact number of times


14.[i]+ adv./prep.(事情)进展,进行used to talk about how well or badly sth makes progress or succeeds


15.[i]~ to/into sth进入…状态;处于…状况;脱离…状态used in many expressions to show that sb/sth has reached a particular state/is no longer in a particular state

16.[i]+ adj.(在某种状态下)生活,过活,移动to live or move around in a particular state

17.[i]~ unnoticed, unreported, etc.未被注意到(或报告等)to not be noticed, reported, etc.


18.[i][t](诗或歌中词、调)唱,说;(故事)发生情况如何used to talk about what tune or words a song or poem has or what happens in a story


19.[i]发出(某种声音);做(某种动作)to make a particular sound or movement

20.[i]发出信号(或警告)to be sounded as a signal or warning


21.[t](informal)+ speech说to say


22.[i]开始(活动)to start an activity


23.[i]运行;运转;工作if a machinegoes , it works


24.[i]不复存在;不见了;丢失;失窃to stop existing; to be lost or stolen

被扔掉be thrown out

25.[i]sb/sth must/has to/can ~(必须或可以)辞掉(或扔掉、废弃)used to talk about wanting to get rid of sb/sth

不起作用not work

26.[i]变坏;损坏;不起作用to get worse; to become damaged or stop working correctly


27.[i]走(委婉说法,与 die 同义)to die. People saygo to avoid sayingdie .


28.[i]用于;花掉when moneygoes , it is spent or used for sth

29.[i]~ (to sb) (for sth)被卖掉;被出售to be sold

30.[i]+ adv./prep.愿出价购买to be willing to pay a particular amount of money for sth


31.[i]~ to do sth有助于;促成;起作用to help; to play a part in doing sth

可得到be available

32.[i](informal)可得到;可买到;现成可用to be available


33.[i]+ adv./prep.流逝;消逝;过去used to talk about how quickly or slowly time seems to pass

用厕所use toilet

34.[i](informal)用厕所;上厕所to use a toilet


大多数含 go 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 go it alone 在词条 alone 下。Most idioms containinggo are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for examplego it alone is atalone .

anything goes

无奇不有;什么事都不新鲜anything that sb says or does is accepted or allowed, however shocking or unusual it may be

as people, things, etc. go

和一般人(或事物等)相比in comparison with the average person, thing, etc.

be going on (for) sth

接近(或将近、快到)某一年龄(或时间、数字)to be nearly a particular age, time or number

be going to do sth

打算做某事used to show what sb intends to do in the future

dont go doing sth

(告诉或警告某人)别做某事used to tell or warn sb not to do sth

enough/something to be going on with

暂且够用;足以应付一时something that is enough for a short time

go all out for sth|go all out to do sth

竭力获取某物;全力以赴做某事;鼓足干劲做某事to make a very great effort to get sth or do sth

go and do sth

(对某人做了蠢事感到愤怒或烦恼)竟然干出某事,居然干出某事used to show that you are angry or annoyed that sb has done sth stupid

go off on one

突然大怒;暴跳如雷to suddenly become very angry

go on (with you)

(表示不相信或不赞同)去你的,我才不信呢used to express the fact that you do not believe sth, or that you disapprove of sth

(have) a lot, nothing, etc. going for you

有(或没有)很多有利条件(to have) many/not many advantages

no go

不可能;不行;不允许not possible or allowed

not (even) go there

不想细谈;甚至不愿想起used to say that you do not want to talk about sth in any more detail because you do not even want to think about it

to go

剩下的;还有的remaining; still left

what goes around comes around

你怎么待人,人就怎么待你the way sb behaves towards other people will affect the way those people behave towards them in the future

where does sb go from here?

(尤指为了改变困境而询问)下一步该怎么办,往下怎么做呢used to ask what action sb should take, especially in order to improve the difficult situation that they are in

who goes there?

(哨兵喝问对方身份用语)谁,什么人used by a soldier who is guarding a place to order sb to say who they are

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Autumn's parents did not permit her to go out with her boyfriend. 秋的父母不允许她和男朋友一道外出。
And does it seem hard to you, When all the sky is clear and blue, And I should like so much to play, To have to go to bed by day? 天空还是那么蔚蓝,明亮,我多么想嬉戏,玩耍,你是否觉得这时候就睡觉难入梦乡?
He said that once the directors obtained permission from Chinese officials to go onto the construction site, "we were quite free" to film. 他说,导演们一旦获得了中国官员的批准后便进入建筑工地,并可自由拍片。
I seem to have been on the go all day. 我似乎整天一直忙忙碌碌。
Google is not obviously being evil but it is such a powerful technology company that it has the potential to go astray. 谷歌并非在明显“作恶”,但作为如此有影响力的一家科技公司,它是有可能误入歧途的。
He said he would go to the party if the hostess invited him. 他说如果女主人邀请他,他就参加晚会。
The pain that I had to go through served as a warning of what it was like to try to live my life without depending on Him. 我所经历的痛苦成为一个我的生活不依靠他的警戒。神借着我的罪和我的痛苦改变了我。
"Are you OK? " I moved prudently . I was in fear of her action resulted from the anger in her eyes. She was silent and go on staring at me. “你……没事吧?”我谨慎地移动着,我哪知道她眼神里的那股杀气什么时候会转化为实际行动。她不说话依旧盯着我看。
It was during one of those long, hot summers that seemed to go on forever that we decided to build the tree house. 那是个漫长、酷热得像是没有尽头的夏日,我们决定在树上建一个小房子。
I know this DVD will help you - and the whole point of it is to get you to go faster, and that's a lot of fun. 我相信本片将会对你有所帮助,所有这些都是为了使你游得更快,而这也是充满乐趣的!
Ask him to tell you what he is sensing, and go on that journey with him, as a friend. 让他告诉你他正感觉到什么,并且作为一个朋友,与他一起踏上那段旅途。
You say that we are going around the sun can even go around the moon, which to me and my work will not be affected. 你说我们是围绕太阳走,可即使是围着月亮走,这对我和我的工作也不会有什么影响。
Your goal is to increase the portfolio's value by selecting investments that you believe will go up in price. 你的目标是通过选择投资于你相信会在价格上上涨的投资项目上投资,以提高你的投资组合的价值。
I decided to go for it, though I continued to question myself as I put on my biking clothes and got my bike out of the basement. 虽然当我穿上运动衣并把自行车从地下室取出来时,我还是不确定,但我最终决定要尝试一下。
Sometimes at the weekend we go to the cinema, or to a concert. My dad loves music. Sometimes the concerts are a bit boring. 有时,我们在周末去电影院,或者去听音乐会。爸爸喜欢音乐,我有时觉得音乐会有点无聊。
After losing money gambling, such as the outside, forcing his wife to go out to borrow money, by not to be subjected to violence. 如在外赌博输钱后,逼妻子出去借钱,借不来就会遭到暴力。
We go all over Europe playing top teams and we play against the best sides in this country, but that was one of the hardest games we've had. 我们已经跟欧洲列强和本国豪门交手过多次,但这是我踢过的最困难的比赛之一。
No matter how much wind and rain, go far, we have been accompanied by quest, never give up! 无论风雨多大、路途多远,我们一直相伴相随,永不放弃!
His job is to make problems go away. He contacted me in the summer because I was one of these 'problems'. He was ordered to 'deal with me'. 他的工作是消除障碍。他在暑假开始和我接触,因为我是其中一个“障碍”。他接到命令来“处理”我。
it opens it up and the turtle can escape and go up to the top to breathe. Uhm, and then the flap will close behind them. 它就会打开,海龟就能逃离并回到水面呼吸。嗯,然后活门会在它们身后关闭。
Because eels have always been ubiquitous and abundant, Watts says, no one seems to believe they could ever go extinct. 他说,因为鳗鱼一直无处不在产量丰富,似乎没人相信它们能永远灭绝。
He got home and did just as the woman at the store told him to do, and let the gecko go. 他到了家,按照商店女营业员所说的那样把壁虎放了出来。
Obliging, the man removed the bags, and sure enough, each one of them contained nothing but dirt. Reluctantly, the guard let him go. 那人顺从地把口袋搬了出来。确实,口袋里除了土以外,别无他特。哨兵很不情愿地让他通过了。
The girl did not want to go out with him because he was an octopus. 这女孩不愿与他外出,因为他毛手毛脚。
Lily, I have to tell you that I don't want to be an Adonis. This is the reason why I refused to go with you. 莉莉,我只好明白地跟你说,我不愿意吃软饭,因此,只能拒绝你的邀请。
Five years later, with her two boys, aged eight and five, in school, she missed being in a professional environment and decided to go back. 5年后,两个孩子(一个8岁,一个5岁)上学了,她怀念起职业环境,决定重返职场。
A blonde got a fishing rod for her birthday gift and decided to go ice fishing to make good use of it. 一个金发女郎得到一杆钓鱼竿为她的生日礼物,决定好好用它去冰上钓鱼。
As the euro's troubles go on, however, the signs are that the German electorate is becoming steadily less eager to go along with it. 然而,随着欧元问题的持续,德国选区的信号变得不再坚定拥护这一系统。
Having been advised not to go there alone after dark, she finally decided to ask a frined to go with her. 被建议不要在天黑后一个人去那,她最终决定求朋友跟她一起去。
They used to go so far in that school to design chairs that people collect their old chairs as art pieces, never to be sat upon! 他们以前居然在这所学校设计的座椅,人们收集他们的旧椅子作为艺术作品,从来没有被坐在后!