美 [laɪk]英 [laɪk]
  • v.喜欢;想;愿意;希望
  • adj.象;像这样;和…一样;类似的
  • prep.如;比如
  • conj.
  • adv.好像
  • n.爱好;诸如此类;象…这样的人(或物)
  • 网络喜爱;如同;想要

第三人称单数:likes 现在分词:liking 过去式:liked

like work,like coffee,like thing,like being


1.相似;类似;像similar to sb/sth

2.(询问意见)…怎么样used to ask sb's opinion of sb/sth

3.(指某人常做的事)符合…的特点,像…才会used to show what is usual or typical for sb

4.像…一样in the same way as sb/sth

5.例如;譬如;比方for example


more like…

(提供比以前更准确的数量)差不多,更接近used to give a number or an amount that is more accurate than one previously mentioned

more like (it)

比较好;还差不多;才像话better; more acceptable

what is sb like?

(表示某人做了令人讨厌、愚蠢之类的事)某人怎么回事,某人怎么会是这个样子used to say that sb has done sth annoying, silly, etc.


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If the office itself is starting to look run down and like its in need of an upgrade, it's indicative of excessive belt-tightening measures. 如果办公室看起来是在走向衰败而且需要来一次升级,这就表明贵公司已经开始在勒紧裤腰带过日子了。
Literature of course continue to rewrite, like the Chinese history is often rewritten as. 文学史当然可以不断地重写,就像中国的历史也经常被重写一样。
Every now and then, I get a little helpless, and I'm longing like a child to be loved. 时时刻刻,我感觉自己孤独无助,像个孩子似的渴望被爱。
It seems to me the wobble is becoming more pronounced, a bit like the toy weeble wobble. 就我看来,地球的震动变得越来越明显了,有点像一个不倒翁一样。
I've got a great chicken recipe, and I think if you use it, it'll increase your sales. And I'd like to get a percentage of that increase. 我有一个上好的炸鸡秘方,如果你能采用,相信生意一定能够提升,而我希望能从增加的营业额度里提成。
Add a bit of tweaking here and fine tuning there and its warm, radiant glow shines like a ray of light amidst 'Contra''s incessant glow. 这里修修、那里调调,成为这张温暖照人的‘Contra’中又一束耀眼的光线。
If say that I want to ask a question like this, my thinking to be probably not necessarily each can answer come up. 假如说我要提这样的问题,我想可能不一定每一位都能回答得上来。
"I hate stainless steel, " he said with a harrumph as he pedaled the grindstone. "No one makes knives like they used to. " “我讨厌不锈钢”,他支起磨刀石时哼着说,“没有人再像以前一样造刀子了。”
Fine, thanks. I'm calling to ask if you'd like to have dinner with me Saturday evening. 很好,谢谢,我打电话来是想问你周六晚上能否和我共进晚餐?
It was indeed like the book review said, this book had detailed and indepth findings of Chinese tradition of protecting life. 的确如书评所说,本书对中国人护生的传统作了非常深入广泛而细致的挖掘。
'Don't be impertinent, ' said the King, 'and don't look at me like that! ' He got behind Alice as he spoke. “不要失礼!”国王说,“别这样看我了!”他一边说一边躲到爱丽丝的身后。
Kobe Bryant, needs only himself. Shooting like a magician over players that are six foot six on average, he hits nothing but net. 科比-布莱恩特只需要他自己。像个魔术师一样的投篮高于平均身高六尺六的队员们,而他投中的只是篮筐。
On the surface, this might look like a good deal to the customer -- a consistent, predictable cost. 从表面上看,这对客户十分有利——费用固定且可预见。
Explaining how to design a green complex is much like an artist trying to explain how to paint a portrait. 解释来如何设计果岭及周边就很像一位艺术家试图讲解怎么来画肖像画。
It is often used for dynamic Web content like Web portals or Web-based client applications. 经常将其用于各种动态Web内容,如Web门户和基于Web的客户机应用程序。
Trying to straighten out a crazy boss is like trying to soothe a starving cheetah that's about to consume you for dinner. 纠正一个疯狂的老板,犹如抚慰一头正准备把你当晚餐的饥饿猎豹。
They are overgrown with foliage at the top, and a straggly beard of vines hangs down beneath them like the roots of an air-fern. 在它们的顶端长满了树叶底端则长满了像王紫萁根一样的树藤挂在下面好像一把胡子。
He said he thought an American audience might like a program that he had seen in England called the Antiques Roadshow. 他说,他认为美国观众可能会喜欢一个他在英格兰的节目,该节目称之为古董巡回秀。
Dragging it on like this is not the way because if you think about it, wealthy people can hold on, but a few storms and the poor will lose. 这么样拖下去实在不是办法,因为啊,你想啊,有钱人扛得住,穷人来个几下暴风骤雨就歇菜了。
Many of the companies emerging from this start-up wave, like the last, look as if they were created with an eye to being sold on quick. 正如上一次浪潮一样,在这次初创企业浪潮中涌现出来的公司中,有很多企业似乎就是为了迅速卖掉而创立的。
It's like lying has become so habitual to them that they lie even when the truth would have been a more persuasive answer. 撒谎已经是一种习惯了,即使真相是种更具说服力的答案。
And economists like Mr Brunnermeier are trying to fit their small, "blackboard" models of the crisis into a larger macroeconomic frame. 象Brunnermeier先生这样的经济学家试图将危机的小黑板模型应用到更大的宏观经济框架下。
Find your beauty, my heart, from the world's movement, like the boat that has the grace of the wind and the water. 我的心呀,从天下的运动找你的美吧,正如那划子获得风与水的美妙似的。
He is a Mighty and Strong Duke, and appeareth like a Strong Man with the tail of a Serpent, sitting upon a Pale-Coloured Horse. 他是一名强大的公爵,以长有蛇尾的强壮男人现身,坐于彩色的苍白战马之上。
Art is innate in the artist, like an instinct that seizes and makes a tool out of a human being. 艺术是(那个艺术家)内在的东西,就象是(那种领悟和制造人类原本不知的工具的)本能。
Future was like the sky behind a thin layer of dark clouds, with a few rays of golden sunbeam pouring down from behind. 未来就像那层淡淡的乌云背后的天空,有金色的阳光透过缝隙照过来。
If it failed to replenish itself it would eventually evaporate completely, like a puddle of water on a hot summer's day. 如果黑洞不能对自己进行补充,它会最终像夏天池塘里的水一样完全蒸发。
He was as white as ivory, his lips were like the petals of a red flower. 他的肌肤就像象牙一样白,嘴唇像红色花瓣。
The proposal plan is like any other plan and has a set of high-level activities that are broken down into a set of tasks. 提案计划和其他计划一样,都含有一组高级别的活动,这些活动又被拆分为若干任务。
Student of the juvenile to say something like this great indignation, that it is reactionary, then turned and Teacher Report. 同学对少年说这句话极为愤慨,认为很反动,转身便向老师报告。