美 [ki]英 [kiː]
  • n.关键;钥匙;答案;要诀
  • v.键入;用键盘输入;用钥匙划坏(汽车)
  • adj.最重要的;主要的;关键的
  • 网络密钥;键值;关键字

复数:keys 现在分词:keying 过去式:keyed

key point,key role,key factor,key element,key problem


开锁工具tool for lock

1.钥匙a specially shaped piece of metal used for locking a door, starting a car, etc.

最重要的事most important thing

2.[ususing]关键;要诀a thing that makes you able to understand or achieve sth

计算机on computer

3.(计算机或打字机的)键any of the buttons that you press to operate a computer or typewriter


5.调a set of related notes, based on a particular note. Pieces of music are usually written mainly using a particular key


6.答案;题解a set of answers to exercises or problems


人教版七年级上册英语单词表 ... computer game 电子游戏 key n. 钥匙 notebook n. 笔记本 ...

键值对中的每个Key)必须用双引号引起来必须使用双引号,不能使用单引号 其实AS和JS互相调用有个很酷的特性 AS3里 …


我用的密钥(Key)是:C6YV2-6CKK8-VF7JB-JJCFM-HXJ2D【电话激活】[亲测可用]Microsoft Office 2010完美激活,不需工具 …


字典中 维 字的解释 ... (4) 隅,角落[ corner] (6) 关键[ key] (9) 网[ net] ...


利用资料的键值(key)直接对应至储存位置的方 法,杂凑表可以在几次的资料比对后就完成资料 加入、搜寻及删除的动作。 杂 …




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I think refining the compounds in terms of the balance of their activities is really key, but that's not to say that's trivial . 我认为,以平衡药物各项作用的方式来改进化合物的确是关键,但是这并非小事,它需要时间。
The source also said that Danyang Zhao has been low - key, so the matter entirely out of personal growth in the course of a pursuit. 该人士同时表示,赵丹阳向来低调,做这件事完全出于个人成长过程中的一个追求。
A key turning point for the global casino sector took place in 2006 when Macau gaming revenue beat that of the Las Vegas strip. 2006年,澳门博彩业收入超过拉斯维加斯,世界博彩业发生了重要转折。
This remark provides the key to the problem, how much truth there is in solipsism. 这一段话为解决唯我论中有多少真理的问题提供了钥匙。
You could say that I ordered takeout with such frequency that my dialing finger practically started to evolve into the shape of a phone key. 可以说,频繁按动叫外卖的电话号码,我的手指也快变成电话的按键了。
Linton, who had been conveyed up to the little parlour soon after I left, was terrified into fetching the key before his father re-ascended. 林惇在我走后就被搬到楼上小客厅里去,他被吓得趁他父亲还没有再上楼,就拿到了钥匙。
Obama has set a goal of doubling U. S. exports to $3. 14 trillion a year by the end of 2014 and he said Asia is key to that goal. 奥巴马制定了在2014年底将美国出口额增加一倍到3.14万亿,而亚洲是完成这一策略的关键。
The key to delegating is recognizing that your ability to do things perfectly isn't as highly valued as you think it is. 在委派中关键要承认自己把事情做到完美的能力在别人眼里看来没有自认为那么重要。
Note that this name is separate from the name used to identify the key in the key container specified in step 1. 请注意,此名称不同于用来标识步骤1中指定的密钥容器中的密钥的名称。
The subjectivity was the key concept of traditional aesthetics. It was that rationality was concretely embodied in literature texts. 主体性是传统美学的核心概念,它是理性在文学文本中的具体表现。
The key is, to not think of death as an end, but as more of a very effective way to cut down on your expenses. 关键是,不要把死亡当作一种终结,而是从更积极的角度去把它当作一种削减开销的手段。
This indicated that the man before whom that door had just opened had not a hook but a key. 这说明这个开门的人用的不是弯钩,而是一把钥匙。
"Almost finished, " he said cheerfully. And then his voice dropped into a lower key. "My dad made good on his promise last spring. " “快完工了,”他兴奋地说着。之后他的声音突然降了八度音。“这个春天那个承诺,我爸没有食言。”
Camshaft is one of the key components of the Engine, and its contour accuracy has a direct impact on performance and life of the engine. 凸轮轴是发动机的关键零部件之一,其轮廓精度直接影响到发动机的性能和寿命。
Same-store sales are sales at stores open at least a year and are considered a key indicator of a retailer's health. 同店销售额只过去至少一年中开得店面的销售额,它作为反应零售商健康状况的重要指标。
One of the key elements of any network environment is to be able to identify what is on your network. 对于所有的网络环境,都可以确定一些关键的要素,其中之一是网络的运行状况。
Today, the object I bring with me is a key chain. Although it appears to be quite a common object, it has a very particular meaning to me. 今天我带来的东西是一个小钥匙链,虽然它看起来是一件很普通的东西,但对我来说,意义重大。
"One of the key drivers of that growth is going to be broadband penetration" , Zwillenberg said. “对这种增长的主要动力之一将是宽带普及渗透”,Zwillenberg说。
Mr Hsuan said key advantages for the company were its low production costs and a strong record in research and development. 宣建生表示,公司的主要优势在于生产成本较低和研发方面的优良记录。
Do not get discouraged; it may be the last key in the bunch that opens the door. --Stansifer. 你不要失望,也许最后的一把钥匙,它才是替你开了门。
The size of the contribution is not what matters most. The key here is to have the heart to do it. 贡献的大小不是重点,重要的是你要有颗真诚的心。
Business composition: Be familiar with the key businesses that make up the company and their respective revenue and profit contributions. 业务构成:应该了解一个公司的主要业务构成以及各业务部门的营业额和利润贡献。
The researchers said the key to the mystery lies in their discovery of a road on the tiny Pacific island. 研究学者指出,解谜关键在于这座太平洋小岛上新发现的一条道路。
They said no. Their reason was that if I lost the key, the wrong person may find it and steal things from the building. 他们说没有,他们的理由是担心如果我丢了钥匙,坏人捡到了偷了公寓的什么东西。
In addressing the scourge of the Osama bin Laden, the U. S. seems to use a speech after the end of the low-key. 在解决了拉登这个心腹大患之后,美国看起来要用一场演讲终结此前的低调。
He has a key to the front door so he will be able to let himself in. 他有前门的钥匙,自己能开门进来。
If someone do not use his talent, just like iron in useless key . it is very easy to get rust. in the end he could not finish his own work. 如果一个人有才而不用,就像废弃钥匙上的铁一样,这些才能很快就会生锈,并最终无法完成安排给自己的工作。
Homochiral cyanohydrins are of synthetic interest as they may be elaborated into a number of key multifunctional intermediates. 氰醇是合成一些多官能基化合物的重要中间体。
As the key turned the lock, a slight movement caught Andy's attention and he found himself staring into a pair of dark eyes. 当钥匙把锁打开了,一个轻微的动作吸引了Andy的注意,他发现自己凝视着一双深邃的眼睛。
Vancouver missed out on the top spot because its infrastructure score had fallen due to periodic closures of a key motorway. 温哥华之所以与第一名失之交臂,原因就在于关闭了一个重要的高速公路而导致“基础设施”这项得分下降。